Saturday, June 18, 2011


SUNSHINE! While the weather forecasters predicted 70% chance of rain all weekend long, racing went on under sunny skies for all but 45 minutes (on Sunday).  The GASSER GODS let it rain during the night, which cooled off the days.  All those who stayed away because of the weather forecasts, missed a great GASSER Reunion.

Club Member Sammy Cooper took the long distance award with his 12,000 mile trip from Australia.  His last appearance at the Gasser Reunion was in 2004.  His Aussie slang and sense of humor made him a beloved 'celebrity' once again.

Don Moyer's wheelstand, and first run at the event, shocked even Don.  It was a sky-high, lane-changer.  His AMC powered Willys found more traction than it was used to and rocketed UP!  What a way to start off the 10th Annual GASSER Reunion!

The next issue of the magazine will be ALL-Reunion.  I have 3,000+ photos to review from just one photographer, staffer Bob Wenzelburger, with who knows how many more yet to come in from the gaggle of photogs at the event.

More later, I'm working on the upcoming GASSER Nationals.  See you there!  Ernest

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